Bathroom Refurbishment Specialists

Tips from the Bathroom Refurbishment Specialists

There’s no denying the fact that even the simplest of bathroom renovations or refurbishments can really add value to your home. It’s not just the financial value that you can affect with a new bathroom. It’s the actual enjoyment and comfort of the home that you can affect too. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more rewarding than returning home from work to step into an elegant and well-equipped bathroom that makes you feel right at home and ready to relax. It can be tough planning your own renovations and if you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly, turn to your local bathroom refurbishment specialists for professional assistance. We know just how tricky renovations can become, so we have compiled a list of tips to ensure that your bathroom renovation stays on track:

• Set a budget in place – always start a renovation project with a budget in mind. Know how much you want to spend and how much you can actually afford to spend, and try to stick to it.

• Plan your time wisely – both small and large bathrooms will take a similar amount of time to refurbish. Remember that you will need to factor in ordering and delivery of materials. Be especially careful with time planning if you only have one bathroom in the house that will need to be used during the renovation.

• Complete jobs in a pre-planned sequence – it is common practice for bathroom refurbishment specialists to start their tasks at the top of the room and work their way down. This means that renovations to the ceiling are first, then the walls and then the rest of the bathroom.

• Make sure that your renovation experts look for any potential hidden problems – in older bathrooms, water damage is a common problem and can present itself in unusual or unexpected ways. Common signs of water damage include corroded plumbing, structural issues with door framing, showers or baths that haven’t been waterproofed and so on.

• Settle on a design style before the renovations begin – how the bathroom will end up looking will be determined by a number of factors and your choices need to be locked in before the refurbishment work begins. You will need to choose paint colours, tiles, vanities, tap fittings, showers and fittings, baths and fittings, and so on.

• Functional design – a bathroom needs to be functional. You can’t have a vanity and basin that look amazing, but are poorly placed or don’t function properly. Plan the functionality and layout of the bathroom well before the work actually begins.

• Measure up in advance – how your bathroom is set up will be determined by the location of the existing plumbing, the electrical wiring available and the overall space that is available in the bathroom. Measuring up in advance will help you to actually choose features and fittings, and make sure that everything has its place.

Chatting to the bathroom refurbishment specialists about your planning renovations will go a long way towards ensuring that your project goes smoothly, and that you and your family get to enjoy a modern contemporary bathroom without incurring additional costs or encountering problems along the way. To learn more, contact us at Bathroom Galore today.