Bathroom Renovation Company

A Bathroom Renovation Company That Can Turn Your Bathroom into a Modern Sanctuary

Looking for a bathroom facelift? While the bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, it certainly doesn't have to have the smallest personality. Many people forget what the bathroom really is – defined by its function and form, a bathroom is so much more than just a space to spruce up after and before another stressful day. The bathrooms of today make a lifestyle statement. Whether you’re looking for a renovation company to facelift your bathroom at home or at the office – we are the right team that can help you make the right design statement to complement your personal lifestyle or business brand.

We Install Designer Bathrooms without the Designer Prices

Established in 2001, we’ve been in the industry for many years and as a recognised key player in bathroom renovation, not only have we established an outstanding reputation throughout Pretoria, but we’ve also established solid relationships with some of the leading bathroom ware suppliers. Just like the perfect kitchen design, the perfect bathroom design is all about the right mix of innovation, inspiration and indulgence. However, this doesn’t always come easy or cheap. Considered as an integral part of any interior design plan, bathrooms quite often absorb the greatest financial investment, and this is where Bathroom Galore stands out. At Bathroom Galore, we install designer bathrooms without the designer prices.

We’re Passionate About Modern Bathroom Design

Today, more than ever, there is no denying that simplicity and minimalism are the order of the day when remodelling a modern bathroom. With fixtures that are simple and specifically designed to serve a purpose – every modern homeowner can agree that there is nothing quite as rewarding as a clean, stylish and elegant bathroom that incorporates all the latest elements.

As a full-service bathroom renovation company at the forefront of modern bathroom design and installation, not only do our services include carpentry, plumbing, electrical, building, ceilings, cornices, tiling and laminated flooring, but we’re also passionate about modern design. Satisfying the modernistic South African market for a contemporary bathroom interior, not only do we believe that clean lines, smooth finishes, bold shapes, and sleek and polished surfaces are key features of modern bathroom design, but we also believe that an effective bathroom design should address all of your needs; physical and spiritual.

At Bathroom Galore, our clients’ needs and budgets always come first and taking great pride in our personalised service, a standard of excellence is always achieved with every job that we do. Offering products that are competitively priced, you will never find us making compromises on style, service or quality. Meeting quality standards, best practices and benchmarks – all of our fittings and fixtures also come furnished with a manufacturers guarantee.

When it comes to bathroom renovation – don’t ever settle for second best. Whether you’re looking for a full bathroom that screams modern design, a new set of bathroom tiled floors or an oval or square modern free-standing tub with a large oval vessel basin – turn to Bathroom Galore. Proud to be at the forefront of bathroom renovation – we’ll help you turn your bathroom into a modern sanctuary.