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Which 2015 Bathroom Trends Will Still be Trending in 2016?

With 2015 coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at the bathroom design trends that have featured during the year; the ones that have been exceptional enough to potentially carry over into 2016. As leading bathroom specialists in Pretoria, we’ve seen it all. From the pokey apartment bath/shower combo, to the extravagant bathroom with all the finishes and fittings of royalty – there’s a multitude of tastes and styles out there that can and will work for your available bathroom space.

Let’s take a quick review of what was trending in 2015 in terms of bathrooms:

• In-house spa or relaxation zone

2015 certainly saw people making a move towards really kitting out their bathrooms for relaxation. The home bathroom is no longer just a place to spruce up and get fresh. It’s turning into a place to lie back, relax and rejuvenate both body and mind. The home spa is certainly a winner.

• Mix and match, don’t match and match

This seemed to be a common theme seen in the home décor and design industry. Gone are the days where every floor tile had to match. Many creative home owners opted for mixing and matching tile designs. The outcome? Interesting flooring that really catches the attention and screams “I’m modern!”

• Water-saving features

Shower heads and dual flush toilets have been trending for a while, and we expect them to continue to do so. Modern shower heads are bigger, distribute water better and cut back on water consumption without starving you of your much needed water pressure. Dual flush toilets also do their bit for the environment. The flush button is usually split into 2 sections. One side is for a light flush and the other for a more substantial flush. How much water can a light flush save? As much as 3 litres per flush! This is a modern bathroom trend that we love to support!

• The oval bathtub with room for two

Let’s face it; old fashioned bathtubs have seen their day. While the old refurbished ball and claw bathtubs might always be popular, large oval bathtub varieties have grabbed the attention of the modern homeowner and it’s a trend that seems set to stay. You can check out some great options in our gallery.

At Bathroom Galore, we’re not all about the finishes. Our company consists of a team of bathroom specialists in Pretoria, who are hardworking and more than willing to roll up their sleeves and create the bathroom of your dreams. Yes, we provide great finishes and décor options, but we can also handle all of the actual bathroom refurbishment tasks, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, building, ceilings, cornices, tiling and even laminate flooring. If you are looking for a bathroom that becomes a much loved zone of your home, you’ve come to the right place.

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